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covid 19 darkWe continue to provide a full remote service by email, phone and Skype, where required. YOU can contact us for URGENT ADVICE ARISING FROM FAMILY PROBLEMS IN THE HOME DURING THE LOCKDOWN. You may experience concern with issues relating to CONTACT TO CHILDREN OR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/ ABUSE. If so contact us immediately. Click Here

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Jane Williams

Coronavirus: ‘Domestic Abuse Pandemic Caused Due to Lockdown’

The BBC have recently reported that the Coronavirus outbreak has led to a Domestic Abuse Pandemic as vulnerable people spend all day with their abuser during the UKs lockdown.

Strict Government Rules to stay at home to stop Covid 19 spreading have caused a large spike in Domestic Abuse cases, both survivors and experts have claimed.

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Jane Williams

Corona Virus and Child Contact Arrangements

At AbsoluteMediation we have been receiving many calls seeking advice about Contact Arrangements in the current Pandemic. Many Families will have to make changes to the Child Contact arrangements that were in place, but how significant those changes actually are, will depend on the circumstances of the individual family.

We want to set out what we believe will be the most sensible approach in the current climate. We would urge you however to Telephone us or Email us if you require urgent specific advice and confirm our phone lines remain open in accordance with normal office hours and indeed, our Family Solicitors continue to offer full time telephone as well as remote support.

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Jane Williams

The Dangers of Receiving Family Law Advice from Unqualified Legal Advisers

An unqualified Legal Adviser has been ordered to pay more than £260,000 in compensation after he caused a man to miss out on compensation and incur huge losses and costs in a medical negligence case.

A High Court Judge said that the Adviser, who held himself out as a competent Legal Professional, owed a duty of care to the person who he was supposedly advising, despite him not being legally qualified.

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Jane Williams

Jeff Bezos, Amazon C.E.O., and MacKenzie Bezos Finalise Divorce.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder and Chief executive, and his wife MacKenzie Bezos have now finalised what is said to be an extremely amicable Divorce.

Jeff Bezos will retain 75% of the couple's Amazon stock together with ownership of the Washington Post and the Blue Origin Space Company. He will also have sole voting rights over the Amazon shares while Mrs Bezos retains various other properties and other assets which are relatively insignificant given the scale of the family business.

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Jane Williams

Boris Johnson and Marina Wheeler Formally Announce their Divorce

It has recently been announced that Boris Johnson and Marina Wheeler are divorcing. Ms Wheeler is a  Senior Lawyer and prominent QC and the parties have been married for 25 years. The announcement was made in a joint statement which appeared shortly after a published newspaper article which suggested that Mr Johnson had recently been unfaithful to his wife.

They have of course chosen to Divorce at a time when, Divorce Procedure is being made much simpler and straight forward. It has also been suggested that the claims of infidelity are unlikely to damage the Former Foreign Secretaries Political fortunes and/or his ambitions in respect of a Leadership bid.

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