Family Mediation

Family Mediation Explained

Family Mediation is a process of resolving legal issues, often in divorce, in a non-adversarial way. The process provides you with an opportunity to negotiate your own settlement on the assumption that the decision to separate and/or divorce has already been made.

It is a civilised, cost effective and dignified alternative to what can often be extremely stressful and highly expensive, contested divorce proceedings, litigated via the Family court.

Nobody wants to lose a job or a marriage, but there may be situations where it becomes inevitable.

Resolution Accredited Mediators

Many believe that Family Mediation embraces marriage guidance counselling, and is aimed at saving or preserving relationships, which is actually incorrect. For this reason alone, we provide you with two filmed examples of actors engaging in dramatic representation of mediation and or explaining common experiences of those who have gone through the mediation process.. 

We hope this makes it easier and simpler to understand the process of what mediation actually seeks to achieve, in terms of actually resolving the legal problems and allowing an opportunity to move forward on the final breakdown of the relationship.

In mediation, couples are helped to look for their own solution to their disputes and both can attend with our Family Mediator, to agree their own decisions as to how matters concerning the family assets and liabilities are best practically resolved.

Family Mediation also deals with all decision making affecting the upbringing of young children. Aside from being friendly and cost-effective, it is a lot easier for your children to cope with a divorce or relationship ending when their parents, are able to work together, to reach agreement in the best interests of the Family.

 It does though need to be clarified that Family Mediation will never be appropriate where there has been any history of domestic violence, bullying, abuse, extreme manipulation, or blatant dishonesty.

 We are the best choice if your breakdown involves complex or indeed substantial financial assets where full financial disclosure will be of paramount importance.

 We have vast experience in dealing with High Value Cases, whether carrying out mediation, or formally advising on the mediation process between ongoing sessions, and ensuring anything you may wish to agree on, is fully reality tested with you first.

We are based in Churchill Way in Cardiff and can offer a comfortable suite of offices, a bespoke professional legal service, and all appropriate facilities. We can also in appropriate circumstances offer interest-free credit facility information.

 If you require our support to ensure you achieve a very positive outcome, with ideally the minimum of stress and anxiety, Email us your personal inquiry This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or request more information about our services or indeed arrange an initial consultation.