Initial consultations

We understand that some people find it difficult to make an appointment with a solicitor to discuss marital or relationship problems, as the act of so doing seems to confirm the failure of the relationship.

We, therefore, provide initial consultations without any obligation to formally instruct us.

The sessions are designed for providing information about the professional services we believe we can offer you, with full information as to our professional charges if you decide to formally instruct us and or legal aid eligibility or interest-free funding schemes where available.

We can also explain more about the full range of family law services we offer and indeed our full range of funding options including legal aid, tailored fixed fees or ways we may be able to assist you in obtaining finance to pursue your claims. We believe legal costs should be clearly explained at the outset of matters in a completely transparent manner.

We are however unable to offer any formal legal opinion or offer legal advice unless you choose to formally instruct us as your solicitors.

Contact Jane Williams on 07837007007 to arrange for your appointment.

Alternatively contact us with your immediate enquiry for a speedy response: Click Here