Children in the breakdown of relationship and divorce.

Mediation in relation to Children issues will often be a speedy means of making progress. This will apply when the issues in dispute are more of a more practical nature, such as arranging day to day times and location of visits, holidays, overnight stays and appropriate financial arrangements.

It can also be extremely cost-effective if the legal issues concerned are not overly complex and parents remain on civilised terms and recognise the future best interests of their children will remain of paramount importance.

For many couples though Mediation may not be a practical option if matters have become acrimonious or indeed if one parent does not wish to engage in Family Mediation. By definition for Family Mediation, both parties need to be willing to engage.

Child arrangement/ Child Custody/ Child Access Orders in the Family Law Court.

In most circumstances, no Parent wishes to involve the court to resolve Parenting arrangements but often recourse to a Family Solicitor may be the only way to realistically progress matters.

Child Custody and Contact matters are now called Child Arrangement orders although the practical issues remain the same.

However, where there are serious concerns about your child, you may need to make an expedited application to the Court.

You may also need to apply for an urgent Child Arrangement Order, particularly where a child has not been returned home or indeed in respect of Parental Responsibility where important parenting rights are is in dispute.

We can also advise on all aspects of Family Law which apply to children and provide Legal Aid where available or advise you on interest-free loan funding.

There can be the very real fears that a child will be removed from the jurisdiction or the worry they are being physically or indeed emotionally harmed by the other parent.

Grandparents : Child Arrangement Orders And Special Guardianship.

Members of the extended family may also wish to make applications to the court, particularly grandparents who are not able to see their grandchildren regularly.

In addition to seeking contact, where appropriate leave of the court has been granted, Grandparents may want to apply to the Court to look after children themselves with a Special Guardianship Order.

We provide a full range of legal services to the extended family, with a similar choice of agreed fixed fees and or can provide information in relation to interest-free loans.

What Happens if I am ever served with a Family Court Application? 

Very urgent legal advice is required if you are ever served with any court application in relation to a child from the other parent, or indeed any other family member.

In all Family law matters where we advise, and particularly in respect of all family law cases concerning children, we can offer you the option of an agreed fixed fee in advance of taking action or alternatively for you to pay on a time-related hourly basis.  Our professional charges will be explained at the outset in a plain and transparent manner.

We can provide full information on interest-free loans where legal aid is no longer available.

For further information about our full range of expert family law services contact us with your initial email inquiry This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or for an initial without obligation appointment or call us on 07837007 for more information on interest-free funding where legal aid is no longer available or you are not financially eligible.