Importance Notice Coronavirus (COVID-19) Contingency Planning

covid 19 darkWe continue to provide a full remote service by email, phone and Skype, where required. YOU can contact us for URGENT ADVICE ARISING FROM FAMILY PROBLEMS IN THE HOME DURING THE LOCKDOWN. You may experience concern with issues relating to CONTACT TO CHILDREN OR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/ ABUSE. If so contact us immediately. Click Here

ring sinking homeWe concentrate on all areas of Family and Divorce law, Property and Financial Disputes and all Children related disputes.

We act for those in the process of divorce, cohabitants in property disputes, grandparents seeking legal rights to their grandchildren, those in dispute with the local authority seeking return of their children, for victims of domestic abuse seeking protection, for those seeking a prenuptual or cohabitation agreement.

We provide a full range of fixed fees in respect of all legal matters we undertake and/or provide detailed costs information in advance of you formally instructing us.We also believe that ultimately it is for you to decide how much you wish to pay and indeed the manner in which your case is handled.