Coronavirus Legal Advice - where you have children who are the subject of Child Arrangement Orders made by the Court

covid 19 dark bigThere has been significant concern amongst non-resident parents in relation to exercising contact with their child or children where that child does not live in the same household as them. We are able to formally advise in relation to the Legal Position as set out by Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Division and head of Family Justice, where there may be a breach of an existing Court Order.

Coronavirus Legal Advice for those suffering Domestic Abuse in the Home

The Coronavirus outbreak has led already to a marked increase of Domestic Violence in the home as of course vulnerable people spend all day with their abuser during the UKs lockdown.

The strict Government rule to remain in your home in order to stop the spread of COVID-19 is thought likely to cause a spike in Domestic Abuse cases and indeed, a prominent spike has already been recognised.

Given that the Family Courts now operate solely by way of Video Link and Telephone Conference access to Justice and indeed access to Legal Aid has become more difficult than ever, particularly, with many Solicitors Offices now being closed. In relation to being able to access Family Law Remedies there has perhaps never been a more challenging time or Legal Environment.

You can however contact us by way of telephone email or video conference to receive immediate legal support. We are available and are still able to arrange for Legal Aid Funding and indeed appropriate access to the Family Courts.

We will be able to assist you with appropriate Government Guidance but still may also be able to ensure the best possible outcome for your child and indeed for you and the rest of your family.