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Keeping Your Money Safe and Avoiding On-Line Crime.

There are frequent transactions where clients give or receive large sums of money to their solicitors and it is now more important than ever to be vigilant and exercise appropriate caution.You may be buying or selling a property or indeed receiving monies from a family settlement or indeed receiving compensation monies.

The days of people regularly giving and  receiving cheques are behind us and whereas few of us may have moved onto bitcoin transactions, most of us now rely on bank transactions and frequently giving and receiving bank account details where the amounts involved are higher than the amounts we daily use debit or credit cards for.

In addition there are hugely significant implications of potential concern in Family Law or breakdown of partnership cases where previous partners often know telephone passwords as well as banking details/passwords for joint and sole accounts. We therefore suggest a Consultation is made urgently with us at Absolutemediation to avoid removal or assets or indeed your former partner being advised of all the developments in your case by having access to private and personal information.

The Following Tips are designed to protect you in any circumstances where you are either making or receiving a large payment from your Solicitor:

1. Never mention plans to move house, receive mortgage monies, receive a divorce settlement or any other compensation monies on Social Media. We know now definitively that your personal information is never safe and is routinely sold for advertising purposes and passed on for extrapolation to marketing agencies by the platform provider aside from any unlawful agenda any casual reader may have.

2.Keep your anti-virus softwear on your computers, smartphones and tablets up to date. Use Strong Passwords which are random not your  birthday/ childrens birthday/ the word password/1234 and particularly avoid using the same password for 10 years simply out of habit.

3. Do not email your solicitors if using wi-fi in a public place.

4.NEVER send your bank account details to your solicitor by email. Either write a letter with the details, telephone their accounts department or call into their office. Make direct contact and ensure you do not rely on any email purportedly received from the firm unless you are sure it is genuine. Your Solicitor will be as anxious as you to avoid any payment going astray and would feel mortified if there was any problem, although possibly not as upset as you would feel if you were to lose your money.

5.If your solicitor uses email to send you the firm's bank account details, look carefully at the email address to ckeck for any anomolies, such as a slight change in spelling or that the wording of the message is different from previous email. This is the stage where most proven fraud occurs with the fraudster intercepting the genuine email details and providing one with their own bank details.

6. Never be afraid to call us if you worry something odd has occurred. It is very important these matters are properly discussed to avoid costly problems. At AbsoluteMediation we often provide initial advice in relation to the potential security issues with money and/or personal information where an ex partner knows passwords for phones and banking information. These are matters which can be of immense import and need to be considered at the outset of matters. When assets disappear, although there may be a renmedy in offsetting, it may be very difficult to get them back.

7.Do not send money until you have double checked the account number and sort code.One solution can be to send £1.00 and check with the Solicitor accounts department it has arrived at the intended destination.

8. Finally act quickly and notify your own bank immediately if you believe money has been stolen. The bank can notify the receiving bank as soon as they receive a report, so the fraudsters account is frozen and money cannot be moved on provided early action is taken.

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