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Jeff Bezos, Amazon C.E.O., and MacKenzie Bezos Finalise Divorce.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder and Chief executive, and his wife MacKenzie Bezos have now finalised what is said to be an extremely amicable Divorce.

Jeff Bezos will retain 75% of the couple's Amazon stock together with ownership of the Washington Post and the Blue Origin Space Company. He will also have sole voting rights over the Amazon shares while Mrs Bezos retains various other properties and other assets which are relatively insignificant given the scale of the family business.

After the Divorce, Mrs Bezos will retain the 4% of Amazon a stake which was said to be worth around £36 billion and is deemed to be sufficient to allow her to become the fourth richest women in the world.

By keeping 75% of the couple's Amazon shares or about 12% of the company, Mr Bezos should still remain the richest man/individual in the world. Bill Gates meanwhile is said to remain the second wealthiest worth £102 billion although,of course, he has never been divorced.

Prior to the actual settlement it is understood that American Divorce Lawyers had indicated that Mrs Bezos should be entitled to roughly half of the assets but it would appear she has in fact received far less.

That said, the details of the Divorce settlement are not formally public and, it is understood there could be other compensation which has been provided to Mrs Bezos which is not at the present time known. The Divorce meanwhile appears to have been concluded extremely quickly, over a four month period, despite the level of public drama and excitement it created.

The couple announced their plan to split on Twitter in early January, saying that "after a long period of loving exploration and a trial separation, we have decided to divorce and continue our shared life as friends". The news came as a surprise as only a few months earlier they had been spotted in a Miami night club celebrating their 25th Anniversary.

Initial news of the Divorce sent Amazon shares down, although, the price subsequently rebounded It is understood a more protracted Divorce may have led to more uncertainty and indeed more damage to the Amazon brand.

It was meanwhile pointed out by Divorce Lawyers that, given the two were intertwined financially, that they would both benefit from an amicable settlement.

Even with relatively modest financial assets, a quick and amicable Divorce will always lead to a more dignified outcome, significantly reduced legal costs and indeed, a far more amicable outcome, where children of the family are involved.

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